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December 2009: What is the impact of economic dowturn on the Adhesives & Sealants Industry?

The 2009 economic crisis has impacted all industries both at global and regional levels. According to you, what are the main consequences on the Adhesives & Sealants industry? What outlook do you see for 2010?
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Liminghuagongyanjuiyuan - Dec 26, 2009
posted by zixin wang at Liminghuagongyuanjuiyuan
The 2009 economic crisis creats the main consequences on the Adhesives & Sealants industry is delay the planed contract. I think the situation will be better for 2010.
Just Musing about which I observe - Dec 28, 2009
posted by Bill Toebes at cermiflex industries inc
where is the American competitive spirit?It seems to have left town with most of the manufacturing ,it has gone offshore.

Mexico,China with many savvy guys from China eating up the American dream.I wanted some products but the guys who replied to my request where the business persons from China.Even my local chemical supplier has mostly Chinese goods.If you want to be in manufacturing you need to get off your butt ,become innovative.Take the offensive.to the competition before there are no manufacturing places left in North America.With everything whoosh out the door. Into the guys wallet who beat you at the game.Wake up China is knocking over the door.You'll be lucky to be the janitor sweeping up the crumbs left over from the contest

It is my end of year musing and observation.Nothing against the Chinese they are beating you fair and square.Quit giving it away without a fight.
Or are you just going to lay down and play dead? or is your fighting spirit rising to the top. Find niche markets do what the other guy is not doing.? regards Bill Toebes

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