Sodium Silicate Adhesives

SpecialChem - Feb 22, 2006

Commonly known as "water-glass", soluble sodium silicates are colorless low cost inorganic materials. When used as adhesives, liquid silicates offer significantly low cost, versatility, and ease of handling. Their main use is to bond porous substrates such as paper and cardboard where an inexpensive, fast processing adhesive is required. Other adhesive applications for sodium silicates include bonding of wood, metal foils or glass to porous substrates, glass fiber insulation bonding, as well as the fabrication of foundry molds and abrasive wheels. Because of its inorganic nature sodium silicates can be formulated into industrial cements with exceptionally high resistance to temperatures and chemicals. Sodium silicate adhesives are usually supplied as a viscous water solution. The adhesive bond forms by (1) the evaporation of water and / or (2) chemical reaction. Sodium silicate water solutions are often used directly as an unmodified adhesive, but they can also be blended with polymeric additives to improve specific properties such as toughness.
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Well done! - Oct 16, 2014
posted by James Kincaid, R&D - Basic Research at Nanotechnol
I would like to see the carbon dioxide aspect expanded on in this article. This is a highly interesting area since it covers the making of cores for metal casting and other interesting aspects.

- May 01, 2014
posted by David Patel at rudra industries

Interesting additive to latex. - Jan 30, 2014
posted by Finn Bergishagen at DARING COMPANY LLC
I have mixed water glass to latex with good results

- Sep 15, 2012
posted by angelito vitangcol at ashwa tech ltd

Nice - Aug 09, 2012
posted by Samir Sinha at Jupiter Laminators Pvt. Ltd.
I need to know Sodium silicate as an adhesive for wet lamination of paper/ Al. Foil.
Does it reacts with Al, NC inks on surface.
Is it safe with NC inks and NC OPV on paper ???

Can I get some more info? - Jun 05, 2012
posted by HJ Lee at Greenpia Co., Ltd.
I am looking for a way to use sodium silicate as an additive for PVAc and/or VAE emulsion adhesives and coatings. Is there anybody to help me ?


great - Oct 16, 2011
posted by amr abdel ghany at AAW
i need to know more about soduim silicate uses in flooring with wood because i have an idea & want to try it but based on relevant experience if exist like video clips explaining the way of application on your site i will be so happy to follow,
Waiting for your advice as soon as possible.

info i've been looking for for a long time - Sep 20, 2011
posted by Johnny Morales
and written in terms a layman can understand.

- Jun 09, 2011
posted by Aik Pin Ang at Wuxi Teckwah Printing & Packaging Co Ltd

what i amlooking for - Oct 10, 2010
posted by izzat mhaissen at graphic master
this article gave me what i need forlaminating of litho paper with corrugated paperand enable me to deal in right way ith this material

Great..!! - Feb 17, 2010
posted by Khoiruman Khoiruman at Pura Barutama Boxindo
Thanks for your information..

We've mixed Waterglass and latex (PVAc) but The gell is obtained ,,Why have it???

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