Phenolic Resin Adhesives and Modifiers

SpecialChem | Edward M Petrie - Feb 11, 2009

It's no wonder that phenolic resins have been used for nearly a century in the adhesives industry. They are the oldest of the synthetic polymers being developed in 1872 and first achieving commercialization in 1908. Phenolic resins have and will continue to play an important role in the history of adhesives. Phenolic resins represent some of the lowest cost adhesives, and they are available as one- and two-part liquids, emulsions, powder, and film. Phenolic resins can be used as either a: * Base resin in an adhesive, * Modifier in an adhesive formulation, or * Co-reactant to produce a new molecule with good mechanical and adhesive properties. The phenolics have good adhesion to most substrates, good high temperature properties, water and weather resistance, resistance to burning, and high strength. In recent decades they have been replaced in many structural applications by tougher epoxy or polyurethane adhesives. However, phenolic resins are relatively inexpensive and can be made available as waterborne systems.
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Hot Melt Application - Jan 30, 2014
posted by Finn Bergishagen at DARING COMPANY LLC
I will try its application in EVA's.

good - Jan 25, 2014
posted by adil khan at i&s chemical
yes good information

very good - Feb 01, 2011
posted by Nur
very useful...thank you a lot

Insightful - Jan 13, 2010
posted by Lawrence Gollob at Georgia-Pacific Chemicals
Thoughtfully prepared.

Excellent Information - Jan 08, 2010
posted by Carlo Belgiovine at Consulenze tecniche industriali
Excellent and good information of this adhesives technology

An excellent summary - Jan 07, 2010
posted by Maria Ramirez at Lamitech
A very good compilation of theory and applications.

Good information - Dec 30, 2009
posted by Eduardo Alencar at Pidilite
This document improve our knowledge.
I would like to read more about ciano/PVC and vinil adhesives.

Illuminating - Dec 11, 2009
posted by Mustafa Aljarf at shiffa
Thank you . it was very illuminating to me

very interesting update - Mar 20, 2009
posted by Marianne RAULT
good and complete article reviewing the state-of-art of this technology

- Mar 20, 2009
posted by M. Rooney

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