Epoxy Adhesives That Cure Below Freezing Temperatures

SpecialChem | Edward M Petrie - Apr 18, 2011

This article reviews epoxy adhesive formulations that can be used when cold weather application and cure are required. Curing agents for conventional epoxy resins are discussed as are epoxy acrylate adhesive systems. These adhesives cure in practical times at sub-zero temperatures or within minutes at room temperature. Special processes that are generally used in the application of these adhesives in cold weather are also described. One of the distinct advantages of epoxy adhesives is that they can be cured at room temperature or even at lower temperatures. Epoxy adhesives are often divided into room temperature curing types and elevated temperature curing types. Once mixed, the two-part room temperature curing epoxy adhesives are designed to react at ambient conditions and temperatures near room temperature (20°- 25°C) or lower. However, in many cases the cure time may be accelerated with heat, but this is not a requirement.
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Information about polymercaptans - May 17, 2011
posted by Miroslav Kralev at Chemetall GmbH
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank you very much for this interesting article.
We would like to test in our sealant formulation some polymercaptans. Is it possible to provide us with more information about Epi Cure 861, Epicure 862 and Dion 3-800LC.

Thank you very much in advance.

posted by ALFRED EINESTINE at building clinic

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