Antioxidants Center

Why use Antioxidants?

Adhesives have become part of everyday life, and are used in a wide range of applications. The increasingly demanding requirements to which modern adhesives are expected to meet can only be achieved and retained by using appropriate stabilizer systems.

Adhesives and their raw materials react like other organic materials with oxygen in a process called "autoxidation." Autoxidation is initiated by heat, light, mechanical stress, catalyst residues, or reaction with impurities. Adhesive degradation results in discoloration, viscosity changes, char formation, cracking and loss of adhesion. Antioxidants interrupt the degradation process in different ways, according to their structure.

In this Antioxidants Center we offer you an extended overview of Antioxidants in the adhesives & sealant industry. The following topics are discussed:

For antioxidant adhesive applications, visit the applications and market pages, which may be accessed by clicking on the picture below.

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