Polyvinylpyrrolidone Center

What is PVP?

polyvinylpyrrolidone chemistry PVP, as its name suggests, is a polymer composed of vinylpyrrolidone monomers. BASF pioneered poly vinylpyrrolidone (Luvitec® PVP) technology over 50 years ago, and today, offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of these versatile specialty polymers for a broad range of technical applications, the most universal grades being Luvitec® K30 and Luvitec® K90 .

chemistry polyvinylpyrrolidone

The versatility of the Luvitec® grades is due to a great variety of molecular weights displayed after the K in the tradename that provide different benefits. Luvitec® PVP exhibits a unique combination of properties and, as a result, offer unique solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. Luvitec® K grades are the prefered products for formulating glue sticks and skin adhesives.

Poly vinylpyrrolidone is a vinylic polymer. It is synthetized via a radical polymerisation reaction starting from the vinylpyrrolidone monomer, using an initiator such as AIBN.



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