Solution Case Study

Benefit from 300°C resistant epoxy resin

Industrial Adhesives
  • Resins: Epoxy resins (Tactix® 742, Tactix® 556, Araldite® EPN 1180, Araldite® EPN 1179)
  • Applications: Industrial Adhesives (Transportation, Electronic, General Industry ...)

> Key Benefits

The Challenge

In demanding applications such as Transportation, Electronics, Electrical insulation or General Industry it is crucial that the end-use product resists to high and very high temperatures, first to ensure a trust relationship experience with customers and second for developers to formulate adhesives with properties that will remain unchanged overtime.

The Solution

Huntsman Advanced Materials has a very broad portfolio of specialty multifunctional resins. The strong partnership relations created with its customers allows them to reach customized solutions. Formulators are guaranteed that their needs are met according to the application and the performance that they have to reach.

High heat resistance up to 300°C

The graphs below show comparisons of Huntsman Advanced Materials Tactix® epoxy resins and Araldite® Epoxy Novolacs, with reference to bisphenol A based epoxy resin (DGEBA), with the following test conditions:

  • Tg comparison - Ultimate Tg DMA (Max tan δ,°C)
  • Stoichiometric cure with 4,4'-DDS
  • Cure cycle: 3h at 180°C + 2h at 230°C

Figure 1: Tactix® 742 exhibits very high heat resistance

Transition temperatures
Figure 2: Tactix® 556 combines heat resistance and low water sensitivity

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