Accelerator DY 061



Product performance:

Tertiary amine. It acts as an accelerator. Modified in order to improve compatibility between epoxy and tertiary amine. Aero grade. Used in exterior vehicle (OEM), interior vehicle (OEM), vehicle... Accessible upon free registration

Applications / Recommended for:

Accessible upon free registration
Density @ 20°C, ISO 1675 Accessible upon free registration g/cc
Flash point, DIN 51758 Accessible upon free registration °C
Viscosity @ 25°C, ISO 12058-1 Accessible upon free registration mPas
Color index, ISO 4630-2 Accessible upon free registration Gardner

Product type:

  • Catalysts / Accelerators >> Amines & Amino Compounds
  • Chemical composition:

      Tertiary amine

    Physical form:


    CAS Number:


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    Product Technology Supplier Doc Get support

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